Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well the summer has been and gone and where do I start??We have had a busy season and some great weather to go with it.We seem to have missed all the showers and floods!!
All of the horses and ponies have behaved themselves although IKnow I shouldn't tempt fate.
Everyone absolutely loves Sylvester he's beatifully behaved.We had some "mature " ladies do a 2 hour beach ride and Sylvester was the star of the day.
Belle went to her new home in July.She's gone to a lovely home near Hexham. Heard last week she had been to her first competition and she has settled in well.
September has been a bit quieter and so some of the ponies are getting a bit fat. I had to buy Jasper a mask to restrict his grazing he's not happy!!
Womble looks like he is going to explode, He might need a mask soon!!
We still have Snap who has had an easy time lately.He is a dressage star,winning his first test and coming third in his first prelim!!
We have been to Titlington with Jim today.It was his first time x country and he came fourth.He is the unspookiest pony and thought nothing of the water. Might be some photos of him on DLT Photography later.
Chloe won her class on Snuffles,and was very pleased with the prize money.Well done Chloe thats two wins in two weekends having been successful at Todburn last week.
Natalie has had some great show jumping results this season with Treacle and finished second today, just pipped by a few seconds on the optimum time.
We saw our old pony Patch today,he looked fantastic and is obviously very happy in his new home at Rothbury.
Mr kai was first in his class,well done to Claire too.

Friday, July 31, 2009

It's that time again!! end of term hooray it's summer.For once Seahouses is actually having some good weather.We had a great week with Seahouses Middle School having their annual activity week.I think everyone learned something and enjoyed the fun and games on the last day.
Poor Paula was sick for the start of the holidays ,which gave me a panic attack!!! I want to thank everyone who helped out at short notice, it was greatly appreciated.
Snap( photo to the left at Wooperton after x country schooling) has arrived home after his working holiday with Sarah, and he is going well.We have two jockeys for him Jane for the flat work and Adam for x country.Thought for a while he would make a police horse but we think he has a bit of potential, he seems to take every thing in his stride and loves jumping.
Have finally got a name for the Belgian horse.... Claude...he is very laid back and proved yesterday he quite enjoys jumping with Claire on board.
Orlando is turning out to be a big favourite with everyone, had an email from Switzerland today from one of his fans!!
Jim and China went to Titlington a couple of weeks ago. Jim went really well in the 85cm ( I thought this was quite ambitious as it was his first show for a while) and China was 2nd in the 95cm. You can see them in action if you look at DLT Photography.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So much has happened since I last wrote on this blog.I have been to a swishing party, seen Madonna in concert and breaking news is The Percy mounted games team have qualified for HOYS
First swishing as every one who watches Trinny and Suzannah knows, is gathering somewhere and swapping clothes. We had a great night at Greenhill, where Claire(Nigella in disguise)provided fantastic food.Fortunately for nearly everyone there, one of the swishers had a major clear out of some gorgeous clothes, this meant we all went home with something whether it was a numnah or a designer dress, I think everyone enjoyed it.
The Madonna concert happened in Manchester tremendous performance, and really good company meant I had a great time.Madge put on a spectacular show, she must be super fit as she danced and jumped around for two and a half hours.
We didn't splash out on accommodation (well we couldn't after paying for the tickets) so it was a night in a travel lodge. As I was the oldest(that was my excuse) I got the bed, while the rest had sofa beds .Not so keen on the M62 though, we were stuck on it for 3 hours, so it took rather a long time to get home.I now know the Wetherby service station quite well and would highly reccommend it.
BREAKING NEWS Natalie has just been in to tell me the Percy have qualified for HOYS a fantastic acheivment well done!!!
Nearly forgot to mention,Karen had a big birthday this week loking forward to the bbq next week, Kathryn had her 18th and it was Nanna Mary's 90th birthday and we all went to The Lodge last night to celebrate it.Natalie also had her birthday,she went to see someone I haven't even heard of in concert and also to see Bruce Springstein(I've heard of him)Happy Birthday to you all!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well I hope you have all read the Journal newspaper today!! Peggy has made another appearance, this time on Fern's back.She really is loving all this attention.Going to Etal dressage tomorrow , entered Snap but he had a tooth out on Wed so thought it wouldn't be fair to take him, so I am taking Mr Ed instead.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Had the day off last weekend and went to Bramham with "the girls" I left Sallyanne cooking breakfast as we wanted an early start.It took two hours to get there and then forty ninutes in the queue!Good shopping at this event and lots to see.We watched a Show jumping class as well as the big screen x country.
The Percy games team had another fantastic result and won by 23 points! it was a friendly rather than a competition,but they seem to be quite competitive.Not long till the zones where hopefully they will qualify for HOYS
Moscow went to his new home this week, and we had some new ponies arrive.
Paula has taken a liking to our black and white 14.2, he thinks he's been here before though he is only six.
Claire got the job of trying out the new 12.2 (she's nice and light)and she seems to be very well behaved.
Had a lovely meal with some friends a few weeks ago at The Coach at Lesbury.We then went for a walk through the village and took some pics!!
Went to see Snap last night Sarah gave him a school around Wooperton he went really well and doesn't seem to spook at anything.
Whoops!! I seem to have put two photos on and I'm not clever enough to take one off.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What an exciting day we've had. I had the BBC on the phone this morning and did an interview with Jonathan Miles about Peggy, the now very famous one legged hen!!!As some of you remember she was attacked by Mr Fox and he enjoyed a drumstick before we were able to rescue Peggy.She spent a few weeks in "hentensive care" and now is enjoying the limelight.Back with her friends and even laying again. Isn't it nice to have a happy ending for a change!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Currently for sale are some of the riding school horses.We are having a quiet season so far and I have decided to reduce some numbers.
Grey gelding 7 yrs has been here in the school for 2 years. Very safe and sensible and has a fantastic jump. He has done percy hunt rides and competed at local hunter trials.He is aprox 15.1hh

Also for sale is 14.2hh liver chestnut mare 12 years very safe and sensible with a great jump. competed x country and done some charity rides.Her photo is at the side titled lyndsay and belle.She is showing how well she can jump!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm sure everyone knows who Basil the cockeral is, however for anyone who doesn't know his story, He was evicted from the "toon" and now lives at Greenhill Farm , after being adopted by Claire.He is quite famous and has been on TV and also made the Journal.
We heard today he's the proud father of three chicks.Congratulations !!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have had a blip with our computer so I haven't been able to update the blog.
Half term started last Friday which always signals a busy week ahead!! Everybody arrives from far off places, to be enchanted with our Northumberland coastline. Saying that, I had the day off on Saturday and spent a day with "the girls" as we like to call ourselves, at Floors Castle. We had a very cold day but refreshments were excellent and the company great! We managed to watch some of the locals compete some of which did really well.Charlotte Swearman rode two horses clear x country and had very good dressage tests, not bad having just come back from exams and not having ridden for three weeks. Well done!
Rachel Smith,another Northumbrian girl finished a very good 5th in her section, we watched her faultless show jumping round.She hit the local headlines a couple of weeks ago after qualifying for a dressage competition. It's great to see local people doing well.
Also at this time of the year "the birders" are out in force! We are so lucky having the Farne Islands accessible from the harbour.People travel miles just to visit this spectacular sight of craggy rocks littered with all species of birds and also the grey seal colony.
Have to go cook tea now, more news soon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well it's been a busy week.We had a surprise arrival on Wednesday one of the Herdwick ewes produced a lamb!!! A little black girl, of course now we need a name for her any suggestions welcome.

More chicken news........ think We've found a new home for the one legged hen she just needs a little house to live in and she will be away.Claire Thorburn here todayand her suggestion for a name for the hen was Peggy.... full name maybe Henny Peggy!!!! Can anyone think of a better one than this??

Cindy away to her new home in Yorkshire on Thursday,Sal was very sad hope she doesn't start to cry when she sees this photo!.New pony arrived more news about him soon.

We've had deer in the garden this week, the horses were all a bit unsure when it jumped back and forward from field to field.It looks like it's going to be a lovely weekend ,if the forecast is correct,let's hope so as it's the start of half term.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We had a lovely day at Swarland today, it was really warm and sunny.The home made cakes were good too!!Cindy went very well in her first test and finished 6th.I took a video of half the test on my camera but cannot work out how to put it on here.
We have had some more followers join some with photos ! Alice you have to have a google account to get your comments live.Hope you and Megan are enjoying your hols.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been a sunny windy week and it's flown by.I'm a bit behind with the news again.Natalie and Katie were at Titlington last Sunday.Katie took her new games pony,Indie who went very well.Also Natalie was unlucky in one class , having the last fence down in the jump off.However she won the 1m 05 class.They are off to Holmeside Hall , to the BSJA show tomorrow so Good luck.
Sal and Cindy went to Todburn on Thursday evening.Lots of very spooky fillers which, Cindy hadnt seen before but she didn't seem to mind any of them and went clear, however she had the last fence down in the jump off!!
We're off to Swarland to give Cindy a whirl at dressage. Lets hope it doesn't rain tonight as Cindy is washed and looking very clean.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Too windy to ride today, so I will catch up on some news for you.

Twilight is off to his new home at the weekend. A little girl called Heidi came to see him on Monday night and loved him in fact she liked him so much,she didn't want to get off! She is only eight,but quite tall for her age,and rode Twilight really well.She had a bit of an audience, but this didn't seem to bother her.He is going to a lovely home where, I am sure he will get a lot of attention.

The new chickens arrived on Tuesday and they seem to have settled in OK. They are in their own run at the minute and will be introduced to the older girls gradually.This is Adam`s job, he has to put a new roof on the old henhouse!

Grace and Katie turned up yesterday in dresses.I wish I had my camera and I would have been able to put them on this blog!They were doing a video for Seahouses middle school and needed a background which was "old" looking! so I gave them the key and they went up to old Slate hall stables for the filming.

I have been testing my photography skills, trying to take an action picture of Cindy.Poor thing she had to jump about twenty times before I got the timing right! My camera is not very advanced(neither am I)and it took a while to work out when to snap the photo.I will post my best effort.The photos were for Sallyanne to advertise Cindy in the horse for sale on the

Pony Club website and on Horsehunter.
Congratulations to Carol on becoming a granma again and best wishes to Mary,Mark ,Melanie and new baby Daisy.
We have some special offers available at Slate hall Riding Centre this month.If you book six lessons you get one free.Also Beach rides have 10% off (weekdays only)

Any customer who brings a new customer who hasn't ridden with us before will receive 20% off

bring two friends and get 50% off.(quote blogspot for this offer)

Sal has posted this on our Facebook page, have a look.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sal and Cindy at Titlington yesterday it was freezing.It was her first show jumping competition and she finished third in the 75cm class.She is very well behaved when we take her anywhere and didnt even spook at the fillers!I took some photos really bad ones but at least you can see she went around a course.

Natalie took her two, first time out for Coco who I think finished 2nd. She also had Treacle there, who won the big class 1m 10 I think Well Done.(tell us your full results Nat)

Have advertised Twilight on Adtrader and have someone coming to see him tomorrow night.All the girls will be sad if he goes!

Ordered some more hens today they ,should be here by the end of the week.We are looking for a good home for the one legged hen anyone any ideas?

Karen had great news, a publisher wants to read her book, lets hope she likes it and it gets onto the book shelves in WH Smith!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paula and Wayne on holiday in bonny Scotland this week, so a busy week so far for me, b and b and catching horses!

We have had Matthew Jackson here holding a training course for Barefoot Trimming.Most of our horses and ponies have been barefoot now for a number of years with great success.

We have found new arrivals take a while to adjust but depending on which field they are grazing on seems to make a big difference.One of our fields have some rare plants , horses with poor feet seem to do well here.Engish Nature had a look around and were pleased with plants such as Ragged Robin,Marsh Orchid,Red Clover and Fumitory to name a few.

Many of our bed and breakfast guests walk around the fields and tell me of different plants and birds they have seen.We will be able to tell you more about the birds ,and what species we have soon, as the Newton Birder is coming to look around.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We have had an eventful weekend here at Slate Hall.Firstly we had a problem with the lock on toilet door.Poor Adele got locked inside, luckily she had her phone in her pocket and was able to ring us to rescue her!Katy is poorly this weekend -hope you feel better soon.
Sal and I went riding on Cindy and China yesterday afternoon,as we headed out of the village we noticed a gold Mitsubishi truck parked in Burnhouse entrance.One man got out of the truck and headed towards the cemetery, it was a really warm day yesterday, so when we saw him pull a hat well down over his head and then pull a hood up,we became a bit suspicious.The truck then did a u turn and went past us into Seahouses.We watched the man wandering around the fields but then continued our ride.
Later on Bryan from the garage called to tell me he had had his trailer stolen from a lock up he had luckily followed them(gold Mitsubishi with 3 men in)and was able to retrieve his trailer.
Police arrived a couple of minutes too late but went off in pursuit.So lock up your sheds and watch out for suspicious men in hoodys!
News just in from Natalie saying The Percy Hunt games team have won again, this time by an amazing 18 points!!!!!! WELL DONE.

Katie away to Titlington today to another pony club games competition.Good luck hope the team does well.We will all be booking our tickets for HOYS next!More news on the weekends events later today.
Pic of Snooty enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We had Will the friendly farrier in today.Dan and Saffy had new shoes and " Good Crack" from Will about his hols in Ireland.
Lesson tonight with Selby went very well. Cinders behaved beautifully, and learnt to move away from the leg for the first time.Kizzy was put through her paces and now Karen has something to work at(as well as finishing her book)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lessons with Selby Friar

Anyone interested in lessons with Selby Friar? He will be here tomorrow night 21st. at 5pm anyone interested just let me know.

Selby is training the pony club event team this year and is well known in Northumberland.

We have had the most fantastic weather today, Dex and Harry enjoyed their beach ride.

Everyone back to school today so it has been quite quiet.Claire and Lauren came up after school and rode Twilight and Ice.Twilight is turning out to be a little superstar and just loves jumping(he even escaped into the next field over a 4 feet wall a few weeks ago)This is a pic of him with his friend Moscow who is hiding in the background.

One of the liveries was away at the weekend competing in pony club mounted games.I heard the team (Percy Hunt)won. I hope Katy will be adding more info on her successful weekend and if there are any photos we would love to see them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome to Slate Hall

I've finally decided to take the plunge into blogging, this is my first attempt so please be kind!

Slate Hall Riding Centre has just about recovered from the Easter rush and is revving up for the summer season.

We've been around for 35 years and were originally located at the old farmhouse in North Sunderland village. The riding school moved lock, stock and barrel to its new premises behind the church in 2001 so we could offer better facilities away from the busy Main Street.

We now have two purpose-built stable blocks, an all weather arena for lessons and a number of cross country jumps.

Of course, the best thing about our location is that we're less than a mile from the beach. Riding on the beach is apparently among one of the top 50 things people want to do before they die. But of course, you have to be a pretty proficient rider before we let you loose!

Over the next few weeks, you'll be hearing from some of our liveries about life at Slate Hall and we welcome your comments.