Friday, May 22, 2009

Well it's been a busy week.We had a surprise arrival on Wednesday one of the Herdwick ewes produced a lamb!!! A little black girl, of course now we need a name for her any suggestions welcome.

More chicken news........ think We've found a new home for the one legged hen she just needs a little house to live in and she will be away.Claire Thorburn here todayand her suggestion for a name for the hen was Peggy.... full name maybe Henny Peggy!!!! Can anyone think of a better one than this??

Cindy away to her new home in Yorkshire on Thursday,Sal was very sad hope she doesn't start to cry when she sees this photo!.New pony arrived more news about him soon.

We've had deer in the garden this week, the horses were all a bit unsure when it jumped back and forward from field to field.It looks like it's going to be a lovely weekend ,if the forecast is correct,let's hope so as it's the start of half term.


  1. i know how to change the picture on my thing now

  2. i know how to put profile pictures on now


  3. y did u have to put that picture on mum!!!!???? its peg leg hen!!!! jst call her peggy for short!!

  4. How is Henny Penny??? What a fantastic time today!!!! Wacth out London 2010 - here I come - eh not....

  5. Mrs Herdwick stamped her feet very threateningly at me when I went to look at her baby!

  6. I think the lamb should be called Blacky or Sooty