Friday, July 31, 2009

It's that time again!! end of term hooray it's summer.For once Seahouses is actually having some good weather.We had a great week with Seahouses Middle School having their annual activity week.I think everyone learned something and enjoyed the fun and games on the last day.
Poor Paula was sick for the start of the holidays ,which gave me a panic attack!!! I want to thank everyone who helped out at short notice, it was greatly appreciated.
Snap( photo to the left at Wooperton after x country schooling) has arrived home after his working holiday with Sarah, and he is going well.We have two jockeys for him Jane for the flat work and Adam for x country.Thought for a while he would make a police horse but we think he has a bit of potential, he seems to take every thing in his stride and loves jumping.
Have finally got a name for the Belgian horse.... Claude...he is very laid back and proved yesterday he quite enjoys jumping with Claire on board.
Orlando is turning out to be a big favourite with everyone, had an email from Switzerland today from one of his fans!!
Jim and China went to Titlington a couple of weeks ago. Jim went really well in the 85cm ( I thought this was quite ambitious as it was his first show for a while) and China was 2nd in the 95cm. You can see them in action if you look at DLT Photography.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So much has happened since I last wrote on this blog.I have been to a swishing party, seen Madonna in concert and breaking news is The Percy mounted games team have qualified for HOYS
First swishing as every one who watches Trinny and Suzannah knows, is gathering somewhere and swapping clothes. We had a great night at Greenhill, where Claire(Nigella in disguise)provided fantastic food.Fortunately for nearly everyone there, one of the swishers had a major clear out of some gorgeous clothes, this meant we all went home with something whether it was a numnah or a designer dress, I think everyone enjoyed it.
The Madonna concert happened in Manchester tremendous performance, and really good company meant I had a great time.Madge put on a spectacular show, she must be super fit as she danced and jumped around for two and a half hours.
We didn't splash out on accommodation (well we couldn't after paying for the tickets) so it was a night in a travel lodge. As I was the oldest(that was my excuse) I got the bed, while the rest had sofa beds .Not so keen on the M62 though, we were stuck on it for 3 hours, so it took rather a long time to get home.I now know the Wetherby service station quite well and would highly reccommend it.
BREAKING NEWS Natalie has just been in to tell me the Percy have qualified for HOYS a fantastic acheivment well done!!!
Nearly forgot to mention,Karen had a big birthday this week loking forward to the bbq next week, Kathryn had her 18th and it was Nanna Mary's 90th birthday and we all went to The Lodge last night to celebrate it.Natalie also had her birthday,she went to see someone I haven't even heard of in concert and also to see Bruce Springstein(I've heard of him)Happy Birthday to you all!!!