Friday, May 8, 2009

Too windy to ride today, so I will catch up on some news for you.

Twilight is off to his new home at the weekend. A little girl called Heidi came to see him on Monday night and loved him in fact she liked him so much,she didn't want to get off! She is only eight,but quite tall for her age,and rode Twilight really well.She had a bit of an audience, but this didn't seem to bother her.He is going to a lovely home where, I am sure he will get a lot of attention.

The new chickens arrived on Tuesday and they seem to have settled in OK. They are in their own run at the minute and will be introduced to the older girls gradually.This is Adam`s job, he has to put a new roof on the old henhouse!

Grace and Katie turned up yesterday in dresses.I wish I had my camera and I would have been able to put them on this blog!They were doing a video for Seahouses middle school and needed a background which was "old" looking! so I gave them the key and they went up to old Slate hall stables for the filming.

I have been testing my photography skills, trying to take an action picture of Cindy.Poor thing she had to jump about twenty times before I got the timing right! My camera is not very advanced(neither am I)and it took a while to work out when to snap the photo.I will post my best effort.The photos were for Sallyanne to advertise Cindy in the horse for sale on the

Pony Club website and on Horsehunter.
Congratulations to Carol on becoming a granma again and best wishes to Mary,Mark ,Melanie and new baby Daisy.
We have some special offers available at Slate hall Riding Centre this month.If you book six lessons you get one free.Also Beach rides have 10% off (weekdays only)

Any customer who brings a new customer who hasn't ridden with us before will receive 20% off

bring two friends and get 50% off.(quote blogspot for this offer)

Sal has posted this on our Facebook page, have a look.


  1. I am so pleased Twilight is going to have a good home and a nice little girl as his new owner. He is a very special little pony and he will be greatly missed by all the girls.

    Oh and by the way I love that photo of Lyndsay and Belle!!!!

  2. Glad Twilight is going somewhere nice and good luck to the little girl...she will have so much fun with him. He will be missed lots.

    Glad you didn't have the camera,, very embarrasing in those dresses!!

    Nice pic of Bud on the beach, and Lyndsay on Belle with Elaine in the background!

  3. i am going to miss twilight!!!

  4. Bye bye Twilight - good luck in your new home.

  5. aww bless little twilight!! Hope he gets on ok! good luck :)