Sunday, April 26, 2009

We have had an eventful weekend here at Slate Hall.Firstly we had a problem with the lock on toilet door.Poor Adele got locked inside, luckily she had her phone in her pocket and was able to ring us to rescue her!Katy is poorly this weekend -hope you feel better soon.
Sal and I went riding on Cindy and China yesterday afternoon,as we headed out of the village we noticed a gold Mitsubishi truck parked in Burnhouse entrance.One man got out of the truck and headed towards the cemetery, it was a really warm day yesterday, so when we saw him pull a hat well down over his head and then pull a hood up,we became a bit suspicious.The truck then did a u turn and went past us into Seahouses.We watched the man wandering around the fields but then continued our ride.
Later on Bryan from the garage called to tell me he had had his trailer stolen from a lock up he had luckily followed them(gold Mitsubishi with 3 men in)and was able to retrieve his trailer.
Police arrived a couple of minutes too late but went off in pursuit.So lock up your sheds and watch out for suspicious men in hoodys!
News just in from Natalie saying The Percy Hunt games team have won again, this time by an amazing 18 points!!!!!! WELL DONE.


  1. well done katie!!!!! and the rest of the team!!! havent had time 2 ride 2day as iv been decorating my house!!

  2. Well done Katie.

    Hope they catch the trailer takers.